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    • April 15, 2020
    • 6:30 PM
    • Olympia Hills Golf & Event Center, 12900 Mt Olympus, Universal City, TX 78148

    "Gold in volume photography" by Mark McCall 

    M. Photog. M. Artist, Cr. CPP

    Why would an award winning, Master Photographer get into volume photography? You have one guess.

    The volume photography racket is the easiest market to break into, and get this, the MOST PROFITABLE of all photographic markets!!

    As many photographers are feeling the pinch of seeing their calls and sales declining, the volume market is booming, and it’s being shot by photographers less talented than you!

    Understanding the volume market is key to making a comfortable living in the volume market.

    In 2018, Mark closed his longtime Broadway Ave. portrait studio in historic downtown Lubbock Tx to concentrate solely on volume photography and the results have been spectacular.

    Learn Mark’s secrets for photographing early learning centers, preschools, sport leagues, and the most profitable of all, parent’s day out programs. Learn where the jobs are, and how to get them. Also see Mark’s technique for developing new markets.

    If you hate selling yourself to a school or league, this program is for you. Learn how Mark gets those jobs without ever picking up the phone, or making a single sales call.

    Take the high end “Santa Experience” and automate it for schools! Complete with painter effect!

    Use Santa as your foot in the door for spring and fall.

    You’ll learn the following:

    *Where to get the school names and contact information.

    *Get them to call YOU, then keep calling for Fall, Santa, Easter, Graduation images.

    *Create sets that go far beyond a simple background. Do something your competitor can’t do.

    *Get high quality backgrounds for less than $50. Design them yourself.

    *Props. It’s all about the props.

    *Simple, simple, simple lighting.

    *Automate your artwork.

    *Get parents to give you a 5 star rating online by dangling this single carrot.

    *Problem with an order? Find out Mark’s trick for having the parent call YOU instead of the school.

    *Learn how to get Santa to come to the schools with you, at a far lower rate than he normally charges.

    *Why branding is so important, and how to do it cheaper than you ever imagined.

    *Miss an 8x10 at the lab and don’t want to wait 3-4 days (or meet a lab’s minimum order)? No problem.

    Learn how to print a LAB QUALITY print at home instantly, indistinguishable from a lab print.

    *Learn the dark side of RAID storage systems and why other types of storage provide a more secure


    *Sell the digital file? You betcha! But finding the right price point the key.

    • May 20, 2020
    • 6:30 PM
    • Olympia Hills Golf & Event Center, 12900 Mt Olympus, Universal City, TX 78148

    "The Pathway to Success" by Steve Kozak Steve Ko

    M. Photog. M. Artist, Cr. CPP and Bill Hedrick - Editor of 'The Photographer' magazine.

    PPSA. TPPA. PPA. It is sometimes hard to figure it all out. But when you do, suddenly you begin to see the Pathway to Success.

    Once you put the pieces together, you will find the keys to reaching your career goals. From creating great images, earning a sustainable income, or earning your CPP and your degrees, to becoming a speaker or a judge, there is not stopping you once you step on the pathway to success.

    Join TPPA Executive Director, Steve Kozak and The Photographer Magazine Editor, Bill Hedrick for an enlightening evening in helping you find your way to exactly w

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May 15, 2019 Mark McCall - "Print Competition"
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April 17, 2019 Ashley Siegert - "Digital Marketing for Photographers"
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April 05, 2019 Photo University - Matching Your Style to Printed Photographic Products
March 20, 2019 Jessi Norvell - "No Excuses IPS: The Same Day Reveal"
March 14, 2019 PPSA Board Meeting
February 20, 2019 Teri Whittaker - "From Flowers to Fine Art"
February 14, 2019 PPSA Board Meeting
January 23, 2019 Jim Landers - "Controlling Time, Simple Steps to Shutter Speed Mastery"
December 16, 2018 PPSA Annual Christmas Party & Awards Banquet
November 28, 2018 Guy T. Phillips - "Getting Started with Light Modifiers"
October 17, 2018 Steve Kozak - "Preparing for PPA Certification" & "The Road to Success Requires 4-WD"
September 19, 2018 Cecy Ayala - "Newborn Photography"
August 15, 2018 JT Blenker - "Nightscapes, Astrophotography, and The Milky Way"
July 18, 2018 Mark Sykes - "From Burned Out to Fired Up - Reigniting Your Passion"
June 20, 2018 Daniel & Jennifer Fermaint - "The Art of Posing Dancers & Dance Studios"
May 21, 2018 Elizabeth Homan - "Sales and Marketing Boot Camp"
May 16, 2018 Malinda Julien - Commercial Food Photography
May 16, 2018 PPSA Board Meeting
April 18, 2018 Joshua Jordan - "The Art of Street Portraits"
March 21, 2018 Philip Thomas - "Capturing Peak Moments With Geometry"
March 21, 2018 PPSA Board Meeting
February 21, 2018 Connor Fuller - "Photographing Weapons"
February 21, 2018 PPSA Swap Shop!
February 21, 2018 PPSA Board Meeting
February 19, 2018 Nick Tsakiris - "Getting CR8TV with Photoshop and Lightroom"
January 24, 2018 David Arnold - "Moving to a DotCom" - SPECIAL DATE
January 24, 2018 PPSA Board Meeting
December 10, 2017 PPSA Christmas Party
November 15, 2017 Meet the Masters - Masters' Roundtable
November 15, 2017 PPSA Board Meeting
October 18, 2017 Bry Cox - "Celebrity Style Imaging"
September 20, 2017 Bree Adams - "Reborn"
September 20, 2017 PhotoU - Babies & Props
September 20, 2017 PPSA Board Meeting
August 16, 2017 Nick Tsakiris - Lightroom & Photoshop "The Dynamic Duo"
August 16, 2017 PhotoU - Getting Started with Lightroom
August 16, 2017 PPSA Board Meeting
July 19, 2017 Chris Hanoch - "Sports Composites and Posters"
July 19, 2017 PhotoU - Sports & Composites
July 19, 2017 PPSA Board Meeting
July 17, 2017 PhotoU - Coffee & Cameras
June 21, 2017 Mark McCall - "Print Competition"
June 21, 2017 PhotoU - Print Competition
June 21, 2017 PPSA Board Meeting
June 08, 2017 PhotoU - Coffee & Cameras
May 17, 2017 Kim Hartz - "Branding 101"
May 17, 2017 PhotoU - Digital Print Competition
May 17, 2017 PPSA Board Meeting
May 15, 2017 PhotoU - Coffee & Cameras
April 19, 2017 Chrystina Straughan - "Off Camera Flash"
April 19, 2017 PhotoU - Makeup & Hair for Shoots
April 19, 2017 PPSA Board Meeting
April 13, 2017 PhotoU - Coffee & Cameras
March 20, 2017 PhotoU - Coffee & Cameras
March 15, 2017 Cris & Deanna Duncan - "Lighting for Sales"
March 15, 2017 PhotoU - Print Comp Boot Camp
March 15, 2017 PPSA Board Meeting
February 20, 2017 PhotoU - Coffee & Cameras
February 15, 2017 David Boeck - "Sweep the Competition"
February 15, 2017 PhotoU - Headshots
February 15, 2017 PPSA Board Meeting

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